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Tarpaulin Cover

Product Image (POND LINERS)


Manufacturer of Pond Lining & Geomembrane Pond Liners. Water Management is the cheapest and purest source of water is rain water. Harvesting of the water in pond, lakes, wells, tanks and reservoirs helps to preserve this water so that it can be put to varied uses later on.


Swimming Pool Cover

Price: 12-15 INR/Foot

Covering the Pool is best way to keep leaves, reduce algae growth, debris and small animals out of pool makes pool maintenance much easier.

Product Image (CONTAINER COVER )

Container Cover

Price: 12 INR/Foot

our exhaustive range of HDPE tarpaulin cover are lightweight, rot proof, rust proof, easy to repair and very user friendly. We provide excellent finish to all our products by hemming them on all four sides and affixing heavy-duty eyelets on all sides and corners.

Product Image (AIR CRAFT COVER )

Aircraft Covers

Price: 12 INR/Square Foot

We manufacture and supply HDPE laminated rolls of diverse sizes. We also offer them in customized sizes. They are absolutely seamless and are so leak proof. They also protect from U.V. rays, harsh weather, water and heat.Our products are widely applied for in air craft cover .


Fumigation Cover

Price: 12 INR/Foot

Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pests within. It is utilized for control of pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms.