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Army and Relief Tent
Army and Relief Tents are mainly used to set up relief camp for the people in need of aid and to set up army camps in hilly areas. They are highly durable and have long service life.
Beach Tent
Beach Tent are light weight and easy to set up portable tents which can be used on beaches to rest and as a protection against UV rays and problems like sunburn.
Camping Tent
Camping Tents are widely used to set up temporary resting place and gives you a best camping experience. They are made from best grade of fabric to eliminate the severe effects of climatic conditions.
Canopy Tent
Canopy Tents are outdoor shelter with a conical top and are usually open from all sides. These tents do not have any middle support which provides an unobstructed space inside.
Dining Tent
Dining Tents serves as a temporary rigid structure to provide shelter to the attendee of a social gathering such as weddings, parties, birthdays and other functions. They are water resistant and are available in large size for gathering of hundred of people.
Display Tent
Display Tents are used in promotional events such as exhibitions, trade fares and expo to advertise the product or services provided. These tents help to protect the people from UV rays and summer burn.
Event Tent
Event Tents are mainly used as vendor booth, exhibition stall and in various sporting events. They are made from high quality water resistant material with high durability which helps to withstand bad whether conditions rainfall.
Hammock are air beds which are made from highly durable elastic material with a heavy load carrying capacity. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor places and are light in weight which make them portable.
Hunting Tent
Hunting Tents are widely used for hunting and camping and serves as a resting place as well as protects the people from severe whether and from dangerous insects like mosquitoes and bees.
Party Tent
Party Tents are made from best quality fabric which helps to resist rain, UV rays etc., and gives a quite large space for the gathering of hundred of people in parties and functions like wedding and birthday.
Swiss Tent
Swiss Tents acts like a temporary bedroom which is easy to set up with the help of only one or two person. These tents have high strength and are supported with the help of bamboo/iron frames which enhances the strength of the tent.